2015 is going to be amazing, here’s why…

I’m officially back from my creativity break and so excited about 2015 that I can hardly stand it!  This past month, I enjoyed some major down time but also worked hard on content for this coming year based upon YOUR feedback and requests.

If you want to have the best 2015 ever, then here’s your official invitation to join the GYPO journey this year!

Two of the exciting projects that I have coming up first are a 28 Day Challenge in February and a Menswear Style Challenge in March.  I’ll also be doing my regular seasonal challenges for spring, summer, fall and winter and introducing a new work wear challenge for 2015 as well.

Today I’d like to share some more information about the 28 Day Challenge.  Something that really excites me is helping women rediscover who they are. Throughout the style challenges, it became very clear that they were about so much more than fashion.  This realization spurred me to dig deeper and put on my life coaching hat to create a program that focuses on more than style.

The name of this 28 Day Challenge is Rediscover Me.  Every day for 28 days, participants will receive a video from me, along with a daily exercise.  We’ll be focusing on goal setting, self-care/appearance, healthy living/wellness, personal growth and relationships.  I’m pulling out all of the very best, most effective concepts and exercises from my years as a life coach and putting them into this four week program.  This is what my clients called their favorite, most life-changing work.

Every Monday this month, I’ll be featuring some content from the challenge to help you rediscover you and lead a better life. After all, pretty living starts on the inside.

Don’t worry, Get Your Pretty On is still going to be about style and ways to feel pretty.  Rediscover Me is a perfect tie-in to feeling pretty on the inside too.

Today I’m sharing the first video from the 28 Day Challenge to give you a feel for how this is going to work.  This video is all about goal setting.  I’m sharing my four step goal setting formula, why resolutions don’t work and how to set your goals so they are effortlessly achieved.

It’s Your Turn:  Watch the video then print out the Goal Setting Worksheet below when you’re done.  Using the four step goal setting formula, set aside some time to define your goals for the year ahead.

I reference a 28 Day Challenge Facebook group in the video.  This will open for participants when the challenge begins on February 1st.


The Rediscover Me 28 Day Challenge will be begin on February 1st.  If you’d like to be notified when registration opens, get on the list HERE.