Easy Winter Skin Care Tips

Let’s welcome the new year with easy winter skin care tips that anyone can follow! Our face is our most important feature, so we do whatever we can to help maintain and improve the appearance. Now that summer is over all that glowing dewiness has left our skin and we are now dealing with dull dry winter face.

Winter skin care, to me, is the most crucial! With the bitter wind and cold chill nipping at our skin and the heater in our living quarters constantly sucking what little moisture we have on our face out, we must replenish and help rejuvenate our beautiful face.

Winter skin care routine is very simple, just remember CEMM: Cleanse, Exfoliate, Mask, and most importantly Moisturize (don’t forget your under eyes). Do all these steps before your makeup routine and you will never have to worry about dull skin and dry patches on your face. Also drink plenty of water, we tend to forget that when we hydrate our inside, then we also help to hydrate our outside and it shows on our skin. Stay beautiful and stay warm ladies! 🙂



Cetaphil Skin Cleanser[Cetaphil Skin Care Cleanser]

Exfoliate[St Ive’s Blemish Control Apricot Scrub]

Mask[Burt’s Bees Treatment Mask]

SimpleReplenishingRichMoisturizer[Simple Replenishing Moisturizer]

It’s Your Turn:  Do you have any easy winter skin care tips that you like to follow?  Share with us in the comments!