March 31, 2017 - Friday Favorites

Alison’s Friday Favorites

TGIF Pretties and welcome to another edition of Friday Favorites!  If you’re new around here, Alison’s Friday Favorites is a weekly list of anything that makes my life a little easier, prettier or happier.  Here are a few things that checked those boxes this week.

Favorite #1 – Horse Show

We got up at 4:30 am last Sunday to drive to our first horse show of the season.  This was also Ava’s first show on a new horse.  She is now my height (!) at 12 years old and has outgrown the pony that she rode for the past year so we’ve been on the hunt for a horse for a few months.  The horse she’s riding now is on trial and things have been going pretty well so far. Her trainer rode her in the pre-green division and they won champion!

I love watching her ride and seeing her passion for this sport, although to be totally honest, it also scares me.  A.  I’m afraid of horses, which makes things really interesting!  and B.  I have a minor heart attack every time she jumps.  Full disclosure – I didn’t watch any of her rounds this past weekend. When it was her turn, I walked away. All three of our kids have done sports that have made me nervous – football, gymnastics, competitive cheer and riding. I could rarely bring myself to watch our middle daughter on the balance beam in gymnastics either. That could be the reason why I’m now getting my gray roots covered every 4 weeks. Frankly we should’ve pushed them all a little harder for chess club.  🙂

But then you see this and it makes it all worth it, right?

FullSizeRender 116

Favorite #2 – Upcoming GNO’s

I’ve got not one, but TWO fun local Girls’ Night Out events coming up next week and would love to see you at one…or both! First up is at Closet Revival in Plano on Tuesday, April 4th from 6-8 pm. I’ll be on hand all evening to show you how to get a season’s worth of looks with just a few key pieces. Closet Revival will get you started on your new capsule wardrobe with a free spring scarf when you spend $25 or more. We’re giving away lots of goodies, just RSVP to our Facebook invite.

CR logo large

The second event will be Thursday, April 6th from 6:30-9:30 pm in Frisco at the monthly HeartStories GNO.  This month GYPO is the title sponsor so you can get your ticket for just $29 ($19 if you’re a first timer!)  I’ll be sharing spring style tips and you’ll be treated to an evening of connecting with new friends, wine and light bites plus this month’s guest Tonia Tomlin will be helping us get our lives organized with her tips.  You can learn more and sign up HERE.


Favorite #3 – Spring Challenge Closes Tonight!


Registration for the Spring 2017 GYPO Style Challenge closes at midnight tonight! We’ll be styling our outfits beginning next Monday.  There’s still time to get your shopping done this weekend!  You’ll get a shopping list of spring trends and classic basics plus 24 days of outfit ideas created from the pieces on the list. It’s the perfect way to get the tools, resources to easily update your wardrobe for spring!  The best part? It’s just $39.  Get your shopping list and your first 10 days of outfit ideas immediately HERE.

Favorite #4 – Scarf Giveaway


In case you missed the announcement on Wednesday in this post,  the GYPO Silk Scarf Collection is now available. To kick off the launch of our first product line, I’m giving away two scarves.  Just pick any of the easy ways to enter below!  Two winners will have their choice of any of the six scarves in the line.  (Open to US residents in the 48 contiguous states only)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

It’s Your Turn:  What are you loving this Friday?

Linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea for Friday Favorites.
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  • Sewfrench

    Loving how your scarves turned out; particularly love the pink ones, both small and large!

  • Lisa B

    The watercolors are all so lovely–but I think I’d pick the green one and since it’s on trend, I’d try the smaller one!

  • Sheila Charbonneau

    Congratulations on the scarf collection! They are beautiful!

  • Carly

    Reading this makes me feel much better – my daughter has her first dance competition this weekend and her number has lots of acro tricks. I am not sure I can watch, either! Makes me feel ok that other moms feel this way, too. 😉

  • Cristi Steed

    Alison, those scarves are so beautiful. You did a great job on them! Way to go, girl!!!

  • Wendy Stacey

    Congratulations on your scarf collection!! They are all so beautiful and colorful!!! It would be difficult to choose which I like best.

  • sspunlimited

    I’m lo in’ time away with my family! Love the scarfs!

  • tbright62

    Since I bought the green bandana one, I would probably get the long pink one!

  • Dawn

    Love the picture of your daughter and her horse!

  • Dawn

    The scarves are beautiful!

  • Kathryn Donnelly

    I love the long green one but to get out of my comfort zone, I’d pick the green bandana style!

  • Julie Frokjer

    The scarves are gorgeous!

  • theromanticvineyard

    I love the blue floral bandana scarf. I’ve been looking for one with those colors. Thanks for the contest.
    Oh and we have a love/fear of horses in common. My daughter rode at 8 and it thrilled and scared me to death all at once. But that picture though! It’s definitely her happy place.
    Thanks for doing your Friday Favorites and letting us get to know you a bit more.
    Have a blessed weekend.

  • Denise

    Well, I LOVE that it is Friday! 🙂 And, I really love all of the scarves…I would probably choose the green or blue bandana. Have a great day!

  • Tara Smith

    Congrats on the scarf line!
    I love the longer pink scarf ❤️

  • Stacey Keeling

    Alison, these are all so fresh and beautiful! I’d pick the blue floral, I think, because it would go with so many things. They are just lovely. 😉

  • Trena Theroff

    Your scarves are beautiful!! I would pick the large green one.

  • Laura Quirk

    Love the scarves – especially the square blue/green one.

  • Terri Dowbiggin

    Beautiful scarves!

  • Ellen Kimbrough Alexandrakis

    The small green scarf is my favorite. Good for you for starting this!

  • Francie Oblinger

    I’d pick the green bandana!

  • Amanda Corbet

    I love the scarves! I would choose the long green floral one!

  • Karen Wood

    I’d love the green square one! Green is my favorite color!

  • Laura Papsun

    Love them all! I love the way you’ve worn it as a wrap bracelet tied around your wrist!

  • Libby Lake Treadway

    I would like either the green or blue bandana. I can’t decide! lol

  • Karen G

    So excited for you Alison! They are all beautiful! I would choose the small green one since it is so on trend now. Congratulations!

  • eds_77845

    Beautiful scarves!

  • Kristen Bailey Lopez


  • Love all the scarves but think I’d want the long green one first!

  • BarbaraRP

    Gorgeous scarves!

  • Kendra L Aftem Clementich

    I’m so excited to get the spring challenge kicked off. I have not purchased the scarf accessory yet but looking forward to giving them a try. Your scarf prints are fantastic and I love the story behind the designer and packaging. What a wonderful way to make a difference!

  • Kristin Morrissey

    I love them all but my favorite is the green bandana. I have a lot of long scarves, but am building my collecti of bandanas!

  • Laurie

    Alison, the scarves turned out awesome! I love all of them, so hard to pick just one, but I’m totally crushing on the pink one. This pink looks like it work with my coloring perfectly. Have a great spring season and successful product launch!

  • Virginia Clark

    I like the floral one best!

  • Susie Butterworth

    I love the new scarf collection!! I think my two faves are the pink neck scarf and the wrap scarf! They are all absolutely lovely!
    And……our son is a rock climber! I can.not.even……..

  • Liz F

    Green floral bandana! They are all beautiful though. 🙂

  • DeLyndia

    I would choose the long pink. Hard choice, as they’re all beautiful!

  • Jan French Kyle

    The scarves are beautiful! It’s hard to pick which one I”d want first but I
    ‘m leaning towards the green. I can totally related to Ava. My cousins and I spent a good deal of our childhood on the back of a horse riding all over our farm.

  • I think I’d choose the long green one! I love how you show it as a wrap!

  • Lauren Gonzalez

    I think I’d choose the long green one. I think wearing it as a wrap is my favorite style.

  • Love them all.. but I think the long green is my fav!

  • Sandy Fought

    I really like the bandana scarves!!

  • Lauren Herold Doherty

    Oh my goodness, it is such a tough choice! I would definitely pick a square scarf. Maybe the pink? Gah! I want them all!

  • Catherine Schmidt

    I love the long pink one!

  • Saxon

    It is so hard to choose! I love them all. I think I need the long pink one. 😀

  • Sonya Berkebile

    Each scarf color is beautiful! But if I had to choose, the green one is my favorite!

  • I think the blue square one, to wear with my blue striped shirt!!!

  • Joy Keller Blalock

    Love them all!

  • Kayla

    Love the pink one and the look where it is wrapped around your wrist like a bracelet – great idea!

  • Murphy R

    I would definitely wear the long green scarf! I love long scarves with everything.

  • I think my favorite would be the one tied around your wrist. Love the colors!!! (and the big one like it looks great as a wrap!)

  • Marla Walkup

    This Friday I’m loving that there are only about 2.5 wks left of tax season!! I work in a CPA firm & I’m ready for a little break!! And I would pick the neck scarf you show tied on your wrist! Such pretty spring colors!

  • debbie susee

    I love the larger scarf with the pretty splash of colors–top middle photo. It reminds me of tie dye, but so much softer.

  • Amber Gross

    I love the scarf you have draped around your shoulders. It has beautiful spring colors.

  • cjarrardkids

    I love the bottom right. I think this would match anything.

  • Annette Riley

    I love all of them!! But if I had to pick my favorite it would be the scarf tied around your wrist!

  • Renee Hunt McGuire

    I love them all – the colors are beautiful. My favorite would be the one draped around your shoulders. 🙂

  • Denise Doroshuk

    The pink one is sooooo pretty!

  • Scarves are beautiful!!

  • Andrea Champion

    My favorite is the green one!

  • Jill Schlegel Snethen

    Love the blue floral long scarf. Thanks.

  • Alce Bourque

    Surprising myself, I really like the green one. I can’t decide between the long scarf or the bandana though. I like to put my hair up in a bandana and that would be so pretty!

  • Robin Zimmerman

    The scarves are lovely!!

  • lindsay bade

    They are all beautiful but I like the blue the best!

  • lbrinson

    Blue Floral Long Scarf. 🙂

  • Michelle Holmstrom

    I would choose the long green scarf. Love it!

  • Kathy Corriher

    I love the green ones!

  • Judith Painter

    I absolutely love them all. But the green and blue ones just stand out to me. I love the wrap idea so much! Absolutely beautiful scarves!

  • Brenda

    Love the green floral scarf!

  • Leah

    So pretty. And you styled them nicely, too.

  • Libby Pruitt

    They are all lovely! The pink is my favorite!

  • Rust

    I would pick the green one and I also would love to have the green floral bandana.

  • Grace Soprano Butler

    As for my Friday Favorites – my Michael Kors charm rain boots with neoprene shaft because it is raining like crazy here. And red wine – I’m not picky!! I like the pink scarves :), though all are pretty!

  • Donna

    Would love to win the pink scarf!

  • Heeyeong

    I love the green floral long scraf :)!

  • dlgstl

    Love the green floral scarf! Loved listening to you on The Pathways to Success podcast as well! What an amazing story! Congrats

  • Thank you Maegan. Great choice!!

  • The long blue scarf is my favorite. I love blue!

  • Sally wright

    All the scarves are beautiful. I love the story of them – – wonderful, creative idea that makes us all feel great while wearing the scarves and benefits so many. Thank You!

  • Anne Aiello

    Love the green and blue floral in either length!! Beautiful !!

  • Laura Spencer

    I like all of the bandanas, but the green is my fave!

  • Kim Hetrick Marcolivio

    i love them all! Not sure I could pick just one!

  • Sonia Shuvalov Colley

    Their all beautiful

  • great post! That horse is beautiful1!!

  • Holly Smith Holder

    I love all of the scarves! I don’t have a small scarf, so I would probably choose that one. BUT the one that you are wearing as a shawl is calling my name too!

  • Rebecca

    I think all of the scarves are so pretty but I think I would pick either the pink or the blue; not sure on the size. On a side note I know what you mean when it comes to letting our kiddos make their choices even if it comes with a little bit of risk. All we can do is pray for them and keep the hair color handy for us.

  • Kim V

    They are all very nice but I think I would like the pink long floral scarf. It really lights up your face.

  • Acmommy3

    I like the pink floral scarf, or the blue floral. 🙂 They are lovely!

  • Lisa Marz

    Love all of your scarves. This Friday, I am enjoying a week spent with my dad. 😉

  • Heather Keiler-Green

    I would pick the pink floral scarf.

  • Your favorite #1 brought a little tear to my eye. I spent years with those 4:30 wakeup times, and a lot of gray hairs (I did watch them jump and dressage can be stressful too!). These gorgeous geldings were my girls first loves, and helped them become the fantastic college students they are today!!

  • Stacey Keeling

    Well this is just amazing news and how did I miss it?! 🙂