Alison’s Friday Favorites

Alison’s Friday Favorites is a weekly list of anything that makes my life a little easier, prettier or happier.  Here are five things that checked those boxes this week.

Favorite #1 – GYPO GNO

I’m co-hosting a fun Spring Style Preview and Girls’ Night Out next Tuesday night with Chesley House of Chesley Mae Designs next Tuesday, February 28th.  It’s going to be held at Eight | 11 Place in Frisco.  I’ll be sharing some spring trends and Chesley will be hosting a trunk show and giving away a pair of her handmade tassel earrings.  If you’re interested in attending, just click the invitation below to sign up!

Favorite #2 – Meal Delivery Service

I’m not sure why but I’ve been asked a lot lately if I subscribe to any of the online meal delivery services. The answer is yes, I’ve tried two of them and have liked both but only stuck with one.  Here’s my unofficial review.

Blue Apron was the first service our family tried.  The meals are delicious but I’m not gonna lie, they seemed like a lot of work.  Anything that requires me to grate ginger and mince whole garlic cloves just isn’t going to happen.  OK, so maybe I’m lazy.  Yes, that’s it.  I’m embarrassed to say our last delivery was a total fail and I ended up pitching out the (rotting) produce and cooking the meat in another meal.  I told Craig I’ll be happy to go back to that one when we’re both retired, but for now…

We’re now subscribing to Freshly and it’s been way more up my alley.  First off, it comes already prepared. Winner, winner, Freshly dinner.  Pop it in the microwave for two minutes and dinner is on the table.  OK, so maybe that sounds like a high priced TV dinner but hear me out.  The meals are gourmet quality and really healthy too.  I like keeping a few in the fridge for a quick protein packed lunch but they’re equally good on our busy nights full of kid activities.  We let the girls pick their favorites (they love the meatloaf) and then order them accordingly.  You can also skip as many weeks as you’d like and cancel at any time. We only order them on our really busy weeks.

If you want to try Freshly out, you can get two free meals by using my link to sign up HERE.

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 7.22.34 PM

Favorite #3 – Work Wear Outfit

Work wear, I can’t quit you!  I’ve been obsessing over this work wear look from this month’s Work Wear Wednesday post.  So I finally broke down and ordered some of the pieces for it this week.  It’s really easy to make it casual enough for everyday by subbing white jeans for the ankle pants.  Navy and white gets me every time, add in florals and stripes and ah, I can’t handle all the cute! 

[Ruffle Hem Top/Ankle Pants /Blush Layered Necklace/Bloom Infinity Scarf /Ballet Flats]

Favorite #4 – Block Heel Sandals

Where have you been all my life, dear block heels?  Thank goodness these are one of the big spring trends because they feel amazing on my feet.  I had all but sworn off wearing heels until one of my friends told me to try block heels.  I wore these gladiator block heel sandals most of the day last Saturday and my feet didn’t hurt one bit.  If you’ve been steering clear of heels, trust me, you’ll want to try this pair.  P.S.  The color is so on trend for spring!


Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 7.32.00 PM



[Maeve Gladiator Sandals]

Favorite #5 – SAHM Capsule

Wow!  I’m completely blown away by the response to the SAHM Casual Wardrobe Basics Builder Capsule!   Want to know a secret?  I get super nervous every time I put a new capsule out and can’t sleep the night before!  Thank you all for the amazing feedback on this capsule.  I definitely took it personally since it’s made up of the pieces that I wear and love on a daily basis. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can download the shopping list for free here! If you’re ready to buy the whole capsule with all 20 days of outfits included, just click here or the image below to get it now.

SAHM Capsule Wardrobe

 It’s Your Turn:  What are you loving this Friday?

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