Easy Back-to-School Styles for teachers


If you’re not already back to school, you’re probably not far from it. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or both, getting your ‘kids’ ready for this school year has been no easy task. Can I just say again how amazing I think teachers are?!?! Their job is not an easy one which is why each year I graciously look forward to helping them worry about one less thing, what to wear, with some easy back-to-school styles for teachers!

Recently I partnered up with Walmart to pull some amazing teacher-inspired outfits that work whether they are teaching in class or over the computer. Each look, complete with outfit formula, is able to be customized so they can feel completely comfortable. I also decided to add my own little Alison twist because well, I couldn’t help myself. Below are my back-to-school styles for teachers using some of my favorite fashion philosophies! Good luck to all our teachers out there and wishing them a wonderful school year!

1. White After Labor Day…Heck Yes!

Don’t pack your white pants away just yet! The old rule of no white after Labor Day does not apply here. White bottoms are a year-round closet staple. I know it may be intimidating to wear them and I get it that wearing them in a classroom is a whole other story. But, trust me, you’ll love how good you’ll feel in the perfect pair of white pants. For this look, I opted for these great boot-cut white pants and added a graphic tee because who doesn’t love a positive message. I finished off with a cozy black cardigan and some black ankle boots. This look would also work with a pair of black combat boots if you happen to snag a pair last year.

Black Cardigan + Graphic Tee + White Bottoms + Neutral Shoes

Styles for teachers in this easy outfit with a black cardigan, yellow graphic tee that says be happy be kind and white jeans with a black tote.

2. Don’t Be Afraid of Print and Color

Prints and color can seem overwhelming but they are nothing to be intimidated by. The right colors can even be life-changing. They can brighten your whole face. If you’re not sure what colors look best on you, try having a color analysis to find your absolute best color options. As for prints, they are a great option to add to your wardrobe. They can be subtle or bold, uniform or sporadic, just find ones where you like the placement of said prints when actually on your body. If you want to take it a step further you can try some pattern mixing. Just be sure to pair small prints on the top and larger prints on the bottom or vice versa. If you’re not sure where to start, start with a striped top, stripes are the neutral of the pattern mixing world.

Bright Blazer + Black Top + Printed Bottoms + Neutral Shoes

A dressier teacher outfit with a bright coral blazer, black blouse, and floral printed pants as well as black wedges.

3. Taupe Shoes are An Essential Closet Staple

I can’t tell you how many seasons and years I’ve had my taupe ankle boots and I wear them ALL THE TIME! They seem to go with just about everything and a classic style will ensure its longevity. My go-to is a taupe ankle boot but flats work just as well. Taupe is a mix of brown and gray and sometimes can favor one or the other. A true taupe will work with both color options. I love the way these taupe shoes pair with the navy bottoms and compliment the dusty rose top in the below look. Just for fun, I added this great taupe tote, but note that the shoes and the bag DO NOT have to match!

Printed Top + Solid Bottoms + Neutral Handbag

Styles for teachers are easy with this pink printed top is styled with navy chinos, taupe shoes and a taupe handbag.

4. keep it easy with One and Done Pieces

One-and-done pieces are my favorite when it comes to getting ready quickly. One-and-done pieces include rompers, dresses, and jumpers. I’ll leave the options totally up to you as to what you feel comfortable wearing in the classroom, but a cute dress, printed or solid mixed with some easy accessories is perfect for most classroom settings. Pair a comfy cotton dress like the green one below with some flats, ankle boots, or even some white sneakers, if your school allows, for an easy and comfortable outfit that will last you all day long!

Denim Jacket + Solid Dress + Neutral Shoes

This outfit includes a denim jacket with a solid cotton dress that hits around the knee and brown ankle boots. The outfit is also styled with a light pink tote making it the perfect styles for teachers.

5. Leopard is a Neutral

Leopard goes with everything whether you choose to use it as your main clothing item or you choose to add it in as an accessory. If you’re not sure, start out small, try a leopard headband, a scarf on your handbag, or my personal favorite, leopard shoes! They are the perfect pop to any outfit! For this look, I started with a monochromatic base and added not one, but two leopard shoe options. I love the little pop of leopard on the white sneakers but if you need something a bit dressier, the leopard flats are a great option. To finish off this outfit I chose a bright tote in red.

Solid Top + Solid Bottoms + Leopard Shoes

Styles for teachers include a white blouse paired with some khaki pants, and leopard shoes. Finished off with a bright red tote.

Your turn! What back-to-school outfit is your favorite?

A big thank you to Walmart for keeping us looking stylish this school year and for supporting small businesses like GYPO!