Fall Color Trends To Make Your Outfit Pop

by Jessica Pigza

I’m pretty sure my favorite thing about fall is watching the leaves change colors. I love it, even more, when those beautiful colors translate into everything from the season’s top fashion trends to timeless closet staples. There’s nothing quite like wrapping myself in a cozy cranberry cardigan and pairing it with some neutral olive bottoms. I love the rich fall color trends but I’m also surprised by some of the bright and even pastel colors that are leading the way this fall. Traditionally fall is all about the jewel tones but this year they seem to be taking a back seat.

Adding your favorite pieces in the on-trend colors of fall is the easiest and most low-risk way to refresh your closet. So just what are the season’s top colors? I recently checked out Pantone’s fall color trends from New York Fashion Week and compared them to what I found online and in stores. While the Pantone Color swatches are exact, because, well that’s what Pantone colors are all about, chances are you’ll find items in colors that are pretty darn close just like I did. Just remember to choose colors that you like and that like you back. If the color makes you look washed out it’s probably a good idea to try something else, something that when you put it on makes you glow! Below are my top five color families I’m loving this fall. What fall color trends are you excited to add to your wardrobe? What colors do you already have in your closet?

1. A Sea of Blue

There are a few different variations of blue in this season’s color palette. The first is a slate blue. This is a great alternative to gray and will complement most cool skin tones. Next, is my favorite. This color, specifically called Mykonos Blue, is like a more sophisticated version of royal blue. The last shade of blue is a darker, almost navy, but if you look closer it has a slight purple undertone to it. I’m even seeing lots of baby blue popping up so it’s pretty safe to say you can’t go wrong with blue this fall.

Fall Color Trends swatches for a slate blue, royal blue and navy blue.

2. Bright Yellow

While bright yellow is on the list, I’m pretty comfortable with saying any variation of yellow will work for fall. From bright yellow to golden and even last year’s much-debated variation, mustard, if you like yellow and you can wear yellow then you should be rocking some yellow this fall.

Color swatch for bright yellow.

3. Green with Envy

It’s easy to confuse this green with Kelly green or even grass green, but this green chosen by Pantone is deeper and richer. It’s just a color that makes you happy and while I traditionally think of this as more of a springtime color, I did find a green scarf that may have swayed me to believe otherwise. On the other end, olive, with its yellow undertone adds just the right balance to any fall outfit. And because it’s neutral, it can be paired with any color on this list. Olive pants are the perfect alternative to jeans but I also love it as the ever-faithful utility jacket.

Fall Color Trends color swatches for kelley green and olive green.

4. Clay and chocolate Brown

Clay, rust, brownish red, medium brown? The shades in this color family go by many names but the results are the same. Fabulously warm earth tones that are perfect for fall! There are so many options in this color palette that it’s hard to narrow down to my favorite. I’m a sucker for a great pair of rich brown boots, but a camel blazer is also a quintessential fall item, and don’t get me started on all the amazing handbags there are in varying shades of brown. I’ve even seen it in a few pairs of pants that are really cute and would be a great addition to your fall wardrobe.

Color swatches for tan and chocolate brown.

5. Pretty in Pink

More proof that bright colors aren’t just for summer! Fuchsia is sticking around and I’m surprised by just how cozy this color can be. There are some fantastic fuchsia cardigans but I’m also loving it in handbag form. The same goes for the polar opposite in this color family, a color by the name of Pale Rosette. This soft pink has warm undertones making it more of a dusty pink than pastel pink. It’s a great neutral and would pair well with just about any other color on this list. If you don’t like the way it looks near your face, try opting for a pale rose handbag, shoes, or even pants.

Color swatches for baby pink and bright pink.

Your turn! What is your favorite color of fall?