Easy to Wear Fall Boot Trends

by Jessica Pigza

Much like Alison, I welcome the change in seasons and although I can’t say I totally love the cold, I do look forward to the crisp fall air. It’s the signal that I’m officially in the clear to pack away my sandals and flip-flops and break out my boots. I love wearings my boots and I love having a variety of styles in my closet. Boots are a great closet staple and a good investment piece if you’re able. A well-made pair of boots in a classic style will last for years.

This season I’m seeing a pretty big shift from the super low ankle boots and sleek lines to something a bit more chunky. Knee-high boots are also in the spotlight again and I’m loving the slouchy texture. Knee-high boots are a perfect example of something that is a classic meaning it never really goes out of style but is back having its moment again. There is a difference between something being truly out of style and just not on-trend. Learn more about this HERE!

1. Knee High Boots

In seasons past it was all about the ankle boot. Knee-high boots were still around because of course, they are a classic, they just weren’t totally having their moment. Well, it seems like their moment is back this fall. I’m seeing tons of cute riding boots which are typically flat or have a small heel, but I’m also seeing knee-high boots with a block heel. One of my favorite variations of this boot have a scrunched, slouchy appearance. These are a great pairing with skinny jeans or a great fall dress.

2. Chelsea Boots

The Chelsea boot by definition is a boot that is close-fitting, ankle height, and has an elastic side panel. Typically they also have a loop on the back to help pull them on. These boots date back to the Victorian era, talk about someone old being new again! While today’s Chelsea boots are a bit more modern and super comfortable with today’s technology, they are also very versatile. These boots look great with skinny jeans or under boot-cut jeans. Pair them with some wide leg crops or even dress down your favorite dress.

3. Kitten Heel Boots

If you don’t like a high heel boot then you’re in luck! The kitten heel is everywhere this fall and can be found in both ankle boots and knee-high boots. A kitten heel is usually low, about 1-2 inches, and skinny but you can find some that have more of a skinny rectangle profile to add more stability. This is another example of a classic-style boot that is back on-trend.

4. Combat Boots

Military and combat boots are still really popular this season. They look great with jeans and leggings but they also look great with a casual fall dress. Also, don’t limit yourself to just neutral colors. Have fun adding some bright pops of color! I’m also seeing white combat boots everywhere! The best part about these boots is that not only are they on-trend, but they are comfortable and functional especially in those places that see snow. Check out Alison’s Five Ways To Wear It for more ideas on how to style combat boots.

5. Sock Boots

Sock boots are mainly characterized by being tight around the ankle. The ‘sock’ part can be just the upper part of the boot or could frame out the boot entirely. Although the term sock implies a knitted boot, sock boots can be made of suede, leather, or neoprene. These boots are pretty versatile and can be worn over skinny jeans, under bootcut jeans, or with a casual fall dress.

What fall boot trends are you most looking forward to wearing?