Smart Jewelry: Where Fashion Meets Tech

By Naomi Shaw

The tech world and the jewelry industry are power houses on their own — two entities that have been luring people for decades with their innovation and designs. Bringing the two industries together was an ingenious idea but the transition did involve a few bumpy years, where smart jewelry looked more like robotic pieces that no woman of style would dare to wear.
These days however, thanks to jewelry designers who saw the potential of wearable tech, smart jewelry is looking more sophisticated and refined, than robotic and plastic-like. From delicate pendants that monitor our activity and keep us healthy to bold rings that alert us to any phone notifications, smart jewelry pieces are now blending seamlessly with our style.
There are a number of newly launched designs on the market — strikingly bold pieces and delicate numbers to suit the style of every woman, and the following are some of the best ones.

Ringly bracelets
With a delicate band in gold or stainless steel, and adorned with a gem the color of your choice, the Ringly bracelet is a stunning jewelry piece to invest in if you love your bracelets. This smart jewelry piece alerts you to any phone notifications, which you can set beforehand. Ringly works with more than 100 apps from WhatsApp to fitness trackers, so that you can monitor your activity and more. Subtle and in a classic design, you will be able to wear this bracelet anywhere from the office to a cocktail party, and stay on top of your notifications, without having to look at your phone so often.


Delicate fitness tracker pendants

Fitness trackers first came out in the form of plastic bands that had to be worn on our wrists and went with nothing in our wardrobe except for our workout wear. Thanks to brands like Bellabeat however, fitness trackers can now be worn around our necks in the shape of a pendant. Tracking everything from our sleep to steps and calories burnt, these pendants make it easier for us to monitor our activity and enable us to stay true to our style.
Smart rings
Another smart jewelry piece courtesy of Ringly, smart rings are looking more like cocktail rings than plastic bands these days. Similar to the smart bracelets, the Ringly rings have delicate bands and are finished with an exquisite gem that changes color to match the outfit of the day. Such smart rings will notify you when you have a new message, an email, a phone call or any other phone notification, depending on your customization. The best part of this ring is that it is aesthetically beautiful, looking more fashionable than technological, which is an element we all look for in our jewelry.


The elegant smartwatch

Michael Kors and Guess are just two of the fashion houses that gave the smartwatch the fashionable spin it needed to become sought after by the most elegant of women. From rose gold romantic pieces that make even those who are most skeptical about this new fashion trend long to wear them, to modern pieces that are the perfect accessories for women who own their minimalist style. Similar to the former pieces, smartwatches can alert you to any notifications, you can track all of your activity and use a number of apps, so your hands can be phone free for more time during the day.
Nowadays, having our noses in our phones all the time is something that we all do. Smart jewelry can change this by allowing us to prioritize what can wait and what needs to be addressed, so that we can enjoy the world around us.



Naomi Shaw is a freelance journalist residing in sunny Southern California with her husband and three children. She is a work-at-home mom that enjoys writing on fashion, beauty, jewelry, and interior design. She loves to garden, craft, and revamp furniture, making it look very much her own.   You can contact Naomi via Twitter.