My Skincare Routine + Essential Products

If there’s one question I’ve gotten more often than any other this past year, it’s “what’s your skincare routine?” This post is a long time coming and honestly a lot has changed with my routine. Last spring, I noticed my skin was looking duller than usual. Coming out of the winter months is always hard on my skin but I think it was also due to the fact that my skincare routine had stayed pretty much the same for the past five or so years! So I started doing a TON of research and bought some products to start experimenting and find out what made the biggest difference in my skin. After a lot of trial and error, I ended up staying with some of my existing products but added in a few new powerhouses to tackle specific issues like dullness and fine lines. It’s taken me this long to make this video because it took months of trying out products to determine what worked and what wasn’t worth it.

Today I’m sharing my exact skincare routine along with a PDF of all of my skincare basics with links to the products I’m using and loving! You can access the video and PDF now by clicking HERE or on the image below. (Note: Entering your e-mail will give you access to the membership site where the video and PDF are located. Check your inbox to log in and watch it!)


Exciting news – I’m also launching my first ever makeup course today! My Skincare Essentials video is part of it but it’s called “Bust Out of the Makeup Rut” and the name says it all. Being totally honest, I hadn’t changed up a whole lot with my makeup since high school! So this past year I’ve spent many hours (and dollars!) trying new products, watching Youtube videos, experimenting with techniques and even booking private sessions with makeup artists all in an effort to “shake up my makeup”. There was a lot of overlap in the tips and tricks I picked up, so I boiled down every rut-busting tip into one course that covers everything from skincare essentials to ways to change up your everyday makeup and create an easy date night look.

My whole goal in doing this is to encourage us all to get out of our makeup comfort zones and empower you to do it at home with step-by-step tutorials. I’m also hoping to save you some time and money so just like Style Challenges by GYPO, you get printable shopping lists with product links so you can head to the store and know exactly what to shop for.

Honestly changing up my skincare and makeup has been one of the biggest confidence boosters of this past year. It’s amazing how just a few simple changes got me out of my rut and made such a huge difference!


It’s been so fun busting out of my makeup rut that I want all of you to be able to experience it too! The intro price for this course is just $29 through the end of the month. I’m willing to bet you’ll save that much by not wasting money on products you won’t use! I made every effort to pack it full of value and useful info with 6 video tutorials, skincare and makeup shopping lists and product and tool recommendations. You can learn more and sign up HERE.

P.S. The $29 intro offer for Bust Out of the Makeup Rut ends on 4/30/19. Sign up now to save $20!