STOP Putting Off Self-Care!

Hi Pretties! A few weeks ago we kicked off the Rediscover Me Challenge and one of the first things we do is goal setting. As the Pretties began sharing their goals I noticed just how many of their goals focused on self-care, specifically making doctor’s appointments, getting to the dentist, scheduling their mammograms and so on. Health is incredibly important to me and your health is important to me which is why I wanted to make a public PSA to all the Pretties out there that it’s time to make the appointments you’ve been putting off. For more details click on the Coffee Chat video below.

Like I said, your health is just too important to ignore. I know we’re busy or maybe we’re just avoiding these visits because we have a family history but prevention and early detection can make all the difference. My goal is to help be the support you need! So now I have some homework for you.

1. Make a List

First I want you to make a list of all the doctor’s appointments you’re behind on. Yearly physicals, mammograms, dentist, eye doctor or annual gynecological visits. You should also be getting your CBC done every year to see what’s going on in your blood. Getting your hormone levels checked is really important too, especially if you’re over 40. Chiropractor appointments and even mental health visits like therapy are super important to take care of your overall health.

2. Write Down the Numbers

I know this may seem weird, but write down the phone numbers of the doctors next to the items on your list. That way it’s all right there in front of you. If you don’t have a doctor for that specific specialty, most insurance companies have a web site or even a phone number you can call to see what providers your insurance covers. Once you have the doctor you want to go to, write down that number.

3. Get Your Calendar Out and Make the Calls…Now!

Now you’ve got your list of needed appointments and the numbers to your doctors, you need only get out your calendar and start making your calls. Make the appointments, write them in your calendar and go to them! Something will always come up but here’s where you need to make yourself a priority. These are your appointments, your chance to take care of you and your health so that you can be able to take care of your family.

4. Support

If you need a little more support and accountability please sign-up for the Rediscover Me Challenge and join the Facebook group. It’s 100% totally free and it will never closeout. So whether you’re on day 20 or day 1, you have the rest of your life to complete this 28 day challenge. So get the ball rolling today! Make the appointments and then go to them! And join our group and let us know because we’re going to cheer you on and offer our support!

Rediscover Me 28 Day Challenge

Feeling pretty is about so much more, it’s about finding out what makes YOU feel great! The Rediscover Me 28 Day Challenge is already underway but it’s still not too late to join in this free program. Click HERE to learn more details about the Rediscover Me 28 Day Challenge or if you already know this is something you want to be a part of, click HERE to sign up and I’ll see you in the Facebook group!