Pretty Fix – The May List

Once again, Pretty Fix is back by popular demand! I didn’t realize just how much you loved this feature, but your requests to bring it back have been so overwhelming that they couldn’t be ignored! For those of you who are new to GYPO you’re probably asking, ‘What is a Pretty Fix?” The Pretty Fix is my recommendation of five pieces you can buy to stay on trend each month. You get to shop where you want (possibly even your closet) and spend what you want! The idea for it was born out of your dissatisfaction with the quality and price of some of the box styling services out there. While there are those that swear by them, there are also those who just can’t seem to win with them. That’s where the Pretty Fix comes in.

In this Pretty Fix, I’m showcasing one of the big trends I’ve seen taking over this summer, snake print! This neutral pattern is popping up on everything from shoes to earrings and everything in between. And yes, you did hear me right, snake print is considered a neutral so don’t be afraid to pair it with color!


Stylish and trendy summery white eyelet dress with snake print sandals bracelets and straw bag


1. White Eyelet Dress

This white eyelet dress is a classic closet staple that just screams ‘bring on summer!’ It’s light and airy and perfect for this time of year. And there is so much good going on with this particular dress. From the button up top to the tie at the waist and the eyelets, the details are simple but make a big impact. Not sure about the dress? You can always switch out the dress for a pair of white shorts and a white top. And the accessory possibilities are truly endless!



2. Hoop Earrings

Another classic that is making a big comeback. Big or small, gold or silver, hoops can be seen everywhere. I love the not so perfectly round hoops that add some extra character. They are simple and classic and go with everything. And the best part, you probably already have a pair which makes shopping for this item as easy as walking to your jewelry box.


3. Snake Print Bracelet

I am in love with this snake print bracelet and it looks even better in person! I love that each of these is a separate bracelet so I can wear them all together or just the snake print one alone. It seems no piece of clothing or accessory is immune to snake print, it’s everywhere and on everything!



4. Straw Bag

This is another item that screams summer! It’s reminiscent of the big rattan bags often toted to the beach, but this is a chic, scaled-down version and the striped lining gives it that extra fun touch. Check out some of the other fun straw purses I found below.



5. Snake Print Sandals

These sandals are the perfect mix of trendy, sophisticated and casual. I love that they are flats but the snake print turns it up a notch making them perfect to go with anything from shorts, to jeans and of course, the perfect white summer sundress. Dress it down with a pair of snake print slip-ons or dress it up with a cute snake print heel!



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