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Undoing the Sun and Fun with Garnier SkinActive® Clearly Brighter™ Brightening & Smoothing Daily Moisturizer SPF 15

There’s no denying we are a beach family.  Craig and I have taken our kids to the beach every summer since our son Devon (now 20) was three.  That’s seventeen years of annual beach vacations! Although Destin, Florida has been a frequented destination over the years, we’ve been to the Riviera Maya region of Mexico even more.  In addition to the family trips, Craig and I have been there for quite a few anniversaries and let’s just say that adds up to A LOT of trips in and out of the Cancun airport. Here we are just after landing for this summer’s vacation.  It’s our happy place! 

Mexico is our favorite, not just for the ease of getting there (it’s just a 2.5-hour flight from Dallas), but more so because the beaches are some of the prettiest in the world.  Just check out that clear water and white sand at the resort we stayed at this year.   puerto-morelos

 There’s only one downside to all of that sun and fun – it takes a toll on your skin.  Even though I’m extremely vigilant about applying and reapplying SPF to both my kids and myself, we always end up getting more sun than we should.  It’s almost embarrassing how many people comment on our dark tans that we never set out to get! After this year’s trip, even after applying all of that SPF and wearing a hat, I still noticed a dark sun spot on my left cheek that wasn’t there before vacation.  When Garnier SkinActive® asked if I’d be interested in taking their Clearly Brighter Challenge and trying out Garnier SkinActive® Clearly Brighter™ Brightening & Smoothing Daily Moisturizer SPF 15, it was perfect timing.  My skin was in need of a fix but I didn’t want to do something harsh like a peel, so I decided to give it a try.



This moisturizer is loaded with antioxidant Vitamin C and is clinically proven to brighten and smooth skin tone within one week.*



Before and After: I took the “before” picture on the left on my first day using the moisturizer and the “after” picture two weeks later.

  Garnier-Before and After

The Results At right around the one week mark, I noticed that the skin on the apples of my cheeks was looking much smoother.  Also, the small dark spot on my left cheek has all but vanished.  As you can see from the photos above, my skin tone is definitely more even now and most of the redness is gone.  My skin looks a lot brighter now too and I’m not the only one who has noticed. A friend asked me a few days ago what makeup I was using because my skin was glowing.  I told her that I hadn’t changed anything, it must be the Garnier SkinActive® Clearly Brighter™ Brightening & Smoothing Daily Moisturizer!

After two weeks, I can see an even more noticeable difference.  It’s also oil free so it hydrates without being greasy.  It’s lightweight and absorbs quickly too.  Even though it has SPF, it doesn’t have that chalky, heavy feeling that some other moisturizers have.  In short, this is my new go-to daily moisturizer.  It’s perfect under makeup or on it’s own.  I feel like my skin looks visibly healthier.

Garnier SkinActive® Clearly Brighter™ Brightening & Smoothing Daily Moisturizer SPF 15 is available at CVS, Target, Walmart, Amazon, Rite Aid and other retailers.

*In a clinical test

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It’s Your Turn:  What steps do you take to “un-do” your summer’s toll on your skin?  Tell me in the comments for the chance to win a $100 Visa gift card!


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  1. I exfoliate to make sure to get all my skin feeling clean and smooth. I use a good light moisturizer in the day with SPF, and I use a heavy cream at night to help with my dry skin.

  2. I use an SPF lotion every day to protect my skin from the sun and I wash my face with a gentle cleanser at night.

  3. The first step that is making sure to always wear SPF year round. I exfoliate every other day(my skin can handle that often with a clarisonic) and use moisturizer daily.


  4. Love the before and after picture. I am doing a cucumber mask at home to help my skin. I will definitely try this Garnier product out. 🙂

    amy [at] uTry [dot] it

  5. I use coconut oil on my skin, and I eat whole foods + drink lots of water throughout the day. Thanks for the chance to win this!


  6. To undo the Sun and Fun on my skin I use a gentle cleanser, toner and moisturizer and cut way back on wearing make up and my skin looks so much better I actually get compliments on it. I remember sunblock and to drink a lot of water daily.

  7. I use a moisturizer with spf everyday and I also use a night cream. Thanks so much.

  8. Drink lots of water and take your vitamins! I really feel like drinking tons of water every day attributes to my younger looking skin!
    addictedtorodeo at gmail dot com

  9. I use a real cleanser that has a proper pH balance and adequately removes the day’s grime and oxidative pollutants.

  10. garnier SkinActive® Clearly Brightersmoothing-daily-moisturizer/ via @httpstwittercomBeautySection#SweepstakesEntry”;

  11. The steps I take to “un-do” the summer’s toll on my skin is I try to avoid direct sunlight the next time. I also wear SPF when I know I’m going to be in the sun. Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. I protect my skin during the summer so I don’t do much damage and rarely lay out in the sun without tons of SPF and a big hat so I mostly just do the same routine year round, face wash and moisturizer.

    prettyinhotpink6 at gmail dot com

  13. To help with summer effects on my skin I use an exfoliating glove.
    And use lots of quality lotion.
    thank you

  14. I actually try to protect my skin from the sun (by using SPF and/or wearing a hat). It also helps that where I live, we don’t get that much sunshine (good and bad)

  15. I do my best to make sure there is only a minimal toll on my skin because I live in Florida and I have to be sure that I wear sunscreen every day no matter what.

  16. I keep up with my normal beauty routine. But, I have found that drinking lots of water is very important to good skin.

  17. As I get older, I find that I’m not outdoors as much during summer so the damage isn’t all that bad. Plus, I use sunscreen, which helps. For recovering from summer’s skin, I pretty much just keep on with my daily routines.
    [notheranneother {at} gmail {dot} com]

  18. I use a facial mask and sometimes a facial scrub followed by a good moisturizer

    dlatany at gmail dot com

  19. I try to be a healthy as possible, i eat clean and stay hydrated. I also use a good moisturizer and a good quality cleanser.

  20. summer tends to be fair to my skin. I just make sure to moisturize when my skin needs it and wash when it feels oily.

  21. I actively avoid being in the sun’s harmful rays, so this is not really an issue for me. Not being a troll but just being honest. I hope my entry can still count!
    14earth at gmail dot com

  22. #SweepstakesEntry- comment

    I avoid too much sun exposure and also don’t apply much makeup. I also like to moisturize with coconut oil

  23. My best skincare tip is to get plenty of sleep and drink lots of water.
    Thanks for the contest.
    slehan at juno dot com

  24. The steps that I take to undo my summer’s toll on my skin is to take vitamins and have plenty of water. I also use Garnier products to fortify my skin.

  25. I use a cleanser in the morning and night, and at night I use a moisturizer and toner! and of course drink lots of water!

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