Pretty Fix – The April List

Hi Pretties! Welcome to this month’s Pretty Fix. To say life has changed a lot since the last Pretty Fix is an understatement. I think right now our priorities are more on being safe while creating new routines and habits that will also help us maintain our mental sanity. There are a lot of good resources out there and our pretties have not disappointed in helping to provide ways to keep us distracted as well as pushing us forward. One thing that keeps coming up as an easy and useful tool for helping us not fall too deep into a rut is the importance of getting dressed. While I know that being on-trend may not be at the top of our priority list, feeling good about what we’re wearing can still go a long way.

While there are many trends I saw for spring, the reality is that we’re leaving the house very little and while we’re home, there’s no reason we can’t feel good, look great and still be comfortable. This month’s Pretty Fix is all about comfort and functionality. That’s why I’m featuring joggers. I know some love them and some may not be sure about them, but with all the styles, colors and features, you’re sure to find ones you love.

If you’re new to GYPO and you’re wondering what the Pretty Fix is all about it’s where I recommend a look featuring six items to keep you on-trend. You can shop where you want to shop, I recommend starting with your closet first, and spend what you want to spend. What I love about this month’s Pretty Fix is that most of these items can be found in your closet and if not, you can easily make a substitution to make it work and make it your own.



1. Chambray Shirt / Denim Jacket

A chambray shirt is a great closet staple to invest in. It’s perfect for spring and fall. Wear it alone or as a light layer to any shirt. I love rolling the sleeves up on mine and adding a cute bracelet or even a wrap bracelet. For this look, you can easily sub in a denim jacket as pictured below or skip this layer altogether.



2. Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings go with any outfit and come in an array of sizes and finishes. I chose a silver finish to go with this look but feel free to sub in some gold tones or you can even opt for simple studs if you don’t feel like wearing hoops.



3. Graphic Tee

I can’t say enough about a great graphic tee! This is something most of us already have in our closets and while I’m loving this pink blush color, any color will work with this neutral base. Whether you choose a graphic tee that has a picture, words or both, here’s a great opportunity to let your personality shine! If you don’t have a graphic tee, feel free to sub in any solid color tee or tank.



4. Neutral Crossbody

Since this look has a more casual vibe I opted for a simple crossbody. While I picked a pretty gray color you can also opt for black instead. And if you’re feeling colorful, a bright crossbody would also work. Just be sure to coordinate complimenting colors between your crossbody and your graphic tee.



5. Joggers

Joggers are really on-trend right now but more importantly, they’re pretty comfortable. They are available in a variety of fabrics and cuts which also makes them a very versatile piece. While they can be paired up with a flowy, half-tucked blouse and some cute leopard heels, the vast majority of us are opting for a more comfy and casual pairing. Think of Goldielocks when picking your perfect pair of joggers, not too big or they’ll look sloppy, not too tight or you’ll feel uncomfortable, but ones that fit just right. If you don’t have joggers or you tried them and they’re just not a heck yes, then easily sub in a pair of black leggings.



6. Metallic Slip-Ons

Another one of my favorites, metallic slip-ons. This is the perfect middle ground between the white sneaker and snake or leopard print shoes. When it comes to metallic slip-ons they come in a variety of ‘finishes’ so you’re sure to find one that you love. You can’t go wrong whether you choose a more subdued pewter color or maybe you like a shiny patent leather finish. And did I mention all the different textures they come in? If you find a pair you love they will be a closet staple you can enjoy season after season and year after year.



Your turn! Are joggers a heck yes or a heck no for you? Are any of these pieces already in your closet?