Pretty Fix – Welcome Spring with These Bold Colors

Pretty Fix – Welcome Spring with These Bold Colors

Have we mentioned yet how excited we are to see all the gorgeous and bright colors this spring? After coming out of the winter doldrums, it’s fun to see color in the flowers, in the sky, and of course, in our clothes. For this month’s Pretty Fix we’re having some major fun with mixing and matching colors to create a classic and inspiring look. After all, who doesn’t love a little brightness in their lives? This spring, consider adding some bold colors to your look. From bright pink to sunny yellow, plenty of shades will add personality to any outfit. So get ready to experiment and have some fun with your style!

For this month’s Pretty Fix we’re not just adding a pop of color but a few pops of color. Don’t worry though, it’s not as hard as you might think to mix and match the perfect colors. That’s where the color wheel can help. We’re not going to get too technical but if you look at the color wheel below (taken from The Ultimate Book of Outfit Formulas) you can see the colors that are next to each other work well together as well as colors that are directly opposite from each other.

A color wheel graphic showing contrasting and coordinating colors.

So What is the Pretty Fix?

The Pretty Fix is where we showcase an outfit that incorporates a few trends mixed with classic closet staples. It’s an easy way to offer some fresh outfit inspiration to items you may already have or to items you may want to add to the curation of your closet. We pride ourselves on less is more and focus on learning how to pair items up in many different ways. If you find you have some gaps in your closet, the shopping links are there to help you fill in those gaps. Now let’s check out this month’s Pretty Fix look!

Bright Top + Light Wash Jeans + White Shoes + Bright Handbag

1. Bright Top

This season is all about color, and honestly, the biggest problem will be picking just one. That’s why we also added a bright handbag but we’ll get to that later. Don’t be afraid of color this season because it’s everywhere. We styled this outfit with a beautiful pink top but it could easily be subbed out for your favorite color. The puff sleeve trend is still sticking around, as well as the peasant top silhouette and ruffles. Remember, though, it’s okay to step outside of your comfort zone and try new things, but if it’s not a heck yes, then it’s a no. It’s important to stay true to what you like so if you don’t like the way a puff sleeve looks on you, you can still accomplish the same fantastic look with your favorite bright tee.

2. Light Wash Jeans

Light wash jeans have been really on-trend lately and they work perfectly to offset the bright and bold top in this outfit. Although we styled this look with some skinny jeans, it would also easily work with crops, bootcut, or even some wide legs denim. The key is proportions. Slimmer on the bottom allows for a little bit more volume on top. If you opt for the volume to be on the bottom, choose a top that’s a little more fitted. This will create a more polished look. Not a fan of light wash jeans? Easily sub in some medium wash ones.

3. White Shoes

White shoes can honestly mean anything from white sandals to flats or even a pair of white sneakers. It just depends on how casual you want to go or how dressed up. A fun pair of white heels would work, or for even more added interest, you can sub in snake print for some pattern. For this look, we choose white braided sandals because not only are they spring/summer appropriate but braided sandals are super on-trend this season.

4. Bright Handbag

It might be easy to get overwhelmed by the mixing and matching of two bright colors in this look, but it doesn’t have to be. Finding two colors that work together isn’t as hard as you think (see the color wheel above). Plus having a bright handbag in your arsenal is always a good idea. As always, we’re big fans of getting multiple uses out of the items we choose to take up space in our closets so when picking a bright handbag, pick a color you love. If you love the color, you’ll happily find many ways to mix and match it. The teal bag chosen for this look would also go great with a bright yellow top, royal blue, coral, and bright pink just to name a few.

5. Layered Necklace

Layered necklaces have been on trend for a few seasons now but this season it’s all about the two-layer necklace. Mix and match between bold and chunky or delicate and minimal. You can’t go wrong with combining your two favorite necklaces. For a more polished look try pairing necklaces in varying lengths. Check out some other fun spring accessory trends you can try HERE.

6. Earrings

When your scarves get packed away, it’s time for your earrings to come out and play! Spring and summer are all about fun earrings. That’s because they add tons of interest without adding heat and since you don’t have a scarf getting in the way, it’s open season. For this look, we picked some great silver earrings that dangle down but any earrings will work. From hoops to chain links, teardrops, or even studs, you can’t go wrong with adding a great pair of earrings to this look.

Your turn! Do bright colors excite you or terrify you? What color are you most excited to wear this season?

Pretty Fix – Styling a Sweater Dress

Pretty Fix – Styling a Sweater Dress

While we may have spring on our minds, we’re not finished with winter yet. That’s why for this month’s Pretty Fix we’re styling a sweater dress with some fabulous knee-high boots! Not only are these two pieces closet staples, but they are seriously having their moment this winter! Both pieces are super on-trend but sometimes it’s just a matter of figuring out how to style them and make them work for you.

So just what is the GYPO Pretty Fix? The Pretty Fix is where we style a head-to-toe look featuring a few trends mixed in with a few closet staples. In some cases like today, the closet staples are the trends. Plus, the outfit formula below is easily able to be tailored to fit your style. As always, we recommend closet shopping first but if you have any gaps, we provide shopping links below to help you out. Now let’s check out this month’s Pretty Fix!

Solid Sweater Dress + Neutral Boots + Neutral Handbag + Chunky Earrings + Neutral Belt

1. Solid Sweater Dress

A solid sweater dress in a classic silhouette is a great closet staple that can be dressed up or dressed down depending on your accessories. For this Pretty Fix, we’re styling an ivory sweater dress and using the accessories to create a monochromatic look. However, if ivory isn’t your color, you can easily swap in whatever solid color you love!

2. Neutral Belt

When selecting a sweater dress you’ll want one that gives you a little shape. Look for a sweater dress that has a more fitted silhouette. If you find one that’s a little boxier than you’d like, add a belt to give it some shape. By adding a belt to your sweater dressed you’ll be able to pull it in at the waist and create a timeless silhouette.

3. Neutral Knee-High Boots

Knee-high boots are a classic closet staple that pair well with any skirt, over your favorite skinny jeans, or in this case, with a beautiful sweater dress. Finding some with a chunky block heel will aid in providing long-lasting comfort and if you don’t want a heel, opt for some flat boots. Also, pay attention to where the dress hits you. Opt for a sweat dress just slightly above the knees to pair well with knee-high boots. If you want your dress a little longer, opt for a pair of lower Chelsea boots.

4. Neutral Handbag

Having a great handbag is not only a closet staple, but one worth investing in. It’s okay to pay a little more for something you’re going to get a lot of use out of and want to carry all the time. We styled this look with a cognac brown handbag with some structure but if you want to be a little more bold you could opt for a bright handbag.

5. Chunky Gold Earrings

Since this specific sweater dress has a cowl neck, we decided to go with a chunky earring and skip the necklace. However, if your sweater dress has a neckline perfect for a necklace feel free to add something in a delicate layer to complement the chunky earrings. This dress is styled with gold earrings but silver will work too, the choice is yours!

Your turn! Have you tried the sweater dress yet this winter? Is it a heck yes or a no?

Pretty Fix – Outfit Formulas® Winter 2021

Pretty Fix – Outfit Formulas® Winter 2021

It’s one of my favorite times of the year! No, I’m not talking about the holidays, although, they are magical. I’m talking about the release of the Outfit Formulas® Winter 2021 Capsule Wardrobe! I know I say this every time, but I’m really excited about this one. As always when putting together the seasonal capsules I start with a great base of closet staples and mix in some trends and this winter has some trends I’m really loving. That’s why for this month’s Pretty Fix I’m featuring one of the looks from the Outfit Formulas® Winter 2021 Capsule Wardrobe.

So what is the Pretty Fix you may ask? The Pretty Fix is where I showcase a head-to-toe outfit that features classic pieces as well as trends you can mix in to freshen up your closet. For this look I’m focusing on the leather trend, the velvet trend, the leopard always trend, and white during winter. I know it sounds like a lot but most of these items you may already have but maybe you just never paired them together. I always encourage you to try something before you decide you don’t like it. But if it’s truly a ‘heck no,’ then you can easily mix in other options. Hence the versatility of Outfit Formulas®!

Black Moto Jacket + Solid Top + Off-White Bottoms + Leopard Shoe

Shop the Look

1. Black Moto Jacket

The first piece to this month’s Pretty Fix is a black moto jacket. This is what I consider to be a classic piece and I wouldn’t stop you if you wanted to make this one of your investment pieces. Just pick a classic color and silhouette. While this item can come in leather or suede, leather is definitely having a moment this winter. It’s everywhere from main pieces like jackets, skirts, and pants, but it’s also in cute accessories like headbands and bracelets. The best thing about leather is that it’s a neutral that packs a punch! It adds a lot of great dimension and texture to your outfit so don’t be afraid to add leather pieces to your closet this winter.

2. Solid Velvet Top

Velvet is another texture that can be seen in many different clothing pieces and accessories this season. I know velvet is one of those polarizing trends that can stir up mixed emotions but when paired together right, it just might turn into your new favorite winter staple!

3. Off-White Bottoms

Off-white, winter white, plain white, whatever name you want to call it, white bottoms are a must for all seasons, even winter. They just add a certain something to any outfit and they are a great alternative to blue jeans. They can easily be dressed up or kept casual and look fabulous with boots.

4. Leopard Shoes

Leopard print is a classic. Sometimes it has its moments more than others but you’d never be considered ‘out of style’ if you’re rocking a leopard print. I love my leopard flats and boots and I will always have them in my closet. I especially love leopard in the winter. There’s something warm, cozy, and stylish about a big, bold leopard print this time of year.

5. Black Handbag

The quilted handbags of fall are still very much on-trend for winter whether you choose a crossbody, shoulder, tote, or hobo bag. There are so many cute ones, some of which also include the chunky chain link trend. No matter what style you choose, having a classic black handbag is a great winter closet staple!

6. Layered Necklace

The layered necklace is a classic and perfect for wintertime because it can easily be worn under your favorite scarf. There are a few different ways to accomplish this look. There are tons of cute necklaces out there that are sold at one piece but have multiple strands. Or you can create your own using the necklaces you already have. The trick is to layer the dainty ones first and finish off with the chunkier ones. Also, to help keep them from getting tangled, make sure the necklace isn’t twisted when you put it on. For even more help keeping them separated, you can use a layered necklace connector.

7. Textured Hoop Earrings

I love a different take on a classic piece. Recently I’ve been obsessed with square or rectangle hoop earrings but now I’m eyeing up some fun and funky, textured hoop earrings. They are almost like a statement earring but not as big. They just add a unique twist to the hoop earring.

Your turn! What Pretty Fix piece is your favorite?

The Outfit Formulas® Winter 2021 Capsule Wardrobe guide includes 30+ days of casual outfit ideas with “dress it up” and “dress it down” tips so that these looks work for every lifestyle! You also get an easy-to-follow shopping list of budget-friendly classic essentials and on-trend items, including accessories!

Pretty Fix – 90s Remix

Pretty Fix – 90s Remix

Time has taught us that when it comes to fashion and trends, what was once old is now new again. This fall is no exception. To say this month’s Pretty Fix is not a little grunge-inspired would be a lie but it does have a sophisticated twist. That sophisticated twist is pairing this look with my newly acquired white ankle boots. Now before you dismiss white boots and possibly, but hopefully not, stop reading this post, I urge you to scroll down and have a look for yourself. White boots were way out of my comfort zone as I’m sure they are for a lot of people, but they have been so much fun to pair up this fall. If fun white boots aren’t going to be your takeaway from this blog, then you’ll still be able to use the Outfit Formula to make this look all your own.

So just what is the Pretty Fix? It’s where a style a look that contains classic closet staple items sprinkled with a few trends. The trend pieces are an easy way to update your closet for the season or you can even skip them altogether. With Outfit Formulas® you’re able to easily sub in classic pieces for the trends or just pick the trends you want to add. For this particular look, I kept it classic using black and white then added a pop of color with the handbag choice. I always recommend shopping your closet first to see what you already have, but if you have any gaps, I also provide options to help you shop. Now let’s check out this month’s Pretty Fix!

Plaid Button-Down + Solid Top + Black Bottoms + White Shoes

1. Plaid Button-Down

Oh, the plaid button-down. It’s truly a classic but its silhouette can change how we style this item. This fall the trend is more of a slightly boyfriend cut button-down that is reminiscent of 90s grunge but with a lot less headbanging. I kept this look classic by opting for a black and white plaid but any color combination will work. Another variation of the plaid button-down I’m seeing is a shirt-jacket also known as a shacket which is a little heavier. While you want this shirt to look more relaxed you also don’t want it to swallow you up. There is such a thing as too big. Also, if this oversized look is not for you, then simply opt for a more fitted plaid button-down that has a shorter hem making it easier to do a whole or half tuck.

2. Black Top

No matter what style you pick, v-neck, tank, or long sleeve, a black top is a year-round closet staple. I recently found this one from Amazon and I love it! It comes in a variety of colors and allows me to add some layers and feel like it’s fall. In order for this look to not feel frumpy, you need to select a black top that is a little more fitted or one that you can do a full tuck or half tuck with. This will help balance out the fullness of the plaid button-down to create a more polished look.

3. Black Bottoms

I don’t think black jeans get enough credit. They are super versatile and the washes can vary from true black to washed out black which almost looks gray. For this look though you can style with the black denim as I have or you can swap in some black leggings for an ultra-comfortable, ultra-casual look that still looks polished. If you want to try something even more out of the box, opt for a black skirt or even a solid black dress and use the plaid shirt as a topper and stick with the white shoes. Don’t forget with Outfit Formulas® we give you a guide but there’s enough flexibility that you’re able to make it your own.

4. White Shoes

While any white shoe or even white sneakers will work with this look I found a really cute pair of white/offwhite boots and I’m having so much fun styling them! I know what you’re thinking, white boots, really? They may seem like a retro blast from the past but it’s all in how you style them. They go with a lot more than you think! For more inspiration head over to Pinterest then you can decide if this is something you want to add to your closet this fall.

5. Backpack Handbag

Large totes and backpack handbags are really on-trend this fall. What I love about them is they are pretty practical especially if you are someone who carries a lot of stuff. That being said, they are also stylish. They come in all different sizes and the deep fall colors and rich cognac browns will go with everything in your fall wardrobe and even carry you into the winter. If you’re not quite sure about this trend then opt for a backpack that also has a short strap or crossbody strap option. That way you have the option of wearing it a few different ways.

6. Wrap or Stacked Bracelets

Whether you choose a wrap bracelet or mixing and matching some of your favorites, having a few bracelets on your wrist is on-trend this season. I love picking out a few and putting them together to create different looks but for a quick chunk of ‘wrist candy,’ I opt for my favorite wrap bracelets. They are quick and easy and make a big statement. That being said, don’t think that stacked bracelets have to be big, bulky, and chunky. You can totally add some small, more minimalistic bracelets if that’s more your style. Click here to see more fall accessory trends!

7. Square/Rectangle Hoop Earrings

As you know hoop earrings are a classic and something I wear pretty much all the time. They’re my go-to earrings. This season however I’m giving square/rectangle hoop earrings a try and I am loving them. They are the perfect mix of classic and trend and just like my circle hoops, they go with everything. Plus they are a fun tie-in to the chain-link trend. And there’s are many different styles available, gold, silver, thick, thin, big, small, and even ones with little embellishments on them.

Your turn! What item is your favorite? Will you be trying some White Boots This Fall?

Pretty Fix – Now and Later

Pretty Fix – Now and Later

We’re in that weird time of the year where it’s still summer but we’re already thinking about fall. The time of year where the weather can change instantly. One day we’re wearing shorts and the next we’re busting out our cardigans. That’s why for this month’s Pretty Fix I’m featuring a look that can easily be modified no matter what the upcoming weather holds.

This look starts out with, you guessed it, one of my Outfit Formulas®! For the initial Pretty Fix look I started with a neutral cardigan but opted for a sleeveless floral top and medium wash jean shorts. This is perfect for those days where it’s chilly in the morning or perhaps the chill comes in the evenings where you live. Either way, you’re covered. Still too hot out? Skip the cardigan and stick with sandals. Too chilly for shorts? Swap in medium wash jeans and taupe mules or slip-ons.

If you’re new to GYPO, let me tell you what the Pretty Fix is. The Pretty Fix is where I feature a complete look using one of my Outfit Formulas® that mixes classic closet staples with a few trends that you can add to keep your closet feeling fresh. This month’s Pretty Fix trend is versatility….and a fun floral top! Remember to shop your closet first but if you have any gaps, there are links below with some great options for each of the pieces used. Now let’s check out today’s Pretty Fix look!

Neutral Cardigan + Floral Printed Top + Medium Wash Bottoms + Taupe Shoes

1. Neutral Cardigan

This may not be anything you don’t already know, but a simple neutral cardigan is a majorly versatile closet staple. It can be worn for multiple seasons and is the perfect layering piece as we head towards fall. While a thicker one is great for winter, a lighter one will serve you well during the spring and fall. It looks great paired up with shorts as shown above but when the temp gets too cool, it pairs great with jeans.

2. Floral Print Top

Floral prints are still trending hard going into the fall and I’m loving the color combinations. They were great for adding detail during the summer without adding heat but also pair well with a cardigan. I am noticing some of the bright floral prints are giving way to more earth tones and rich color tones. Either way, don’t pack away your floral tops just yet. For this look, I opted for a sleeveless version and the ruffle details make it perfect to stand alone or work with a cardigan.

3. Medium Wash Bottoms

If you only have one wash of jeans, a medium wash is the most versatile. I prefer a medium wash that also has more of a vintage look than a bright blue look. I think that tends to be a more classic look and wash. Although high-rise jeans are super on-trend, medium-rise jeans are available so pick whatever rise you feel most comfortable in, not just what’s trendy. I’ve paired this look with jean shorts but a denim skirt would work too. When the weather starts to turn you can easily swap in some crop jeans or ankle-length skinny jeans. Now you’re prepared for whatever mother nature throws at you!

4. Taupe Shoes

Oh yes, taupe sandals, slides, and booties oh my! This color goes with everything and surprisingly does come in different shades. Some taupe shades lean more towards the gray side while others lean more towards the brown or beige color family. Again, this is a very versatile color and for this look, I paired some great sandals for the hot, summer version and then opted for mules in my fall version. This look would also work with some taupe slip ons or even some ankle boots if you’re feeling an extra cozy look is in order.

5. Neutral handbag

Another timeless closet staple is a neutral handbag. For this look, I choose a cross between a hobo and a tote but a crossbody would also work. While I went with a brown handbag, black would also work as would gray. It’s really just personal preference. If you tend to lean towards cooler colors you may get more use out of a black handbag. But, if you tend to gravitate towards the warmer colors, a brown handbag may go with more of your closet. Again, it’s all personal preference, just be sure to pick a handbag that works with your lifestyle and fits all the items you carry daily.

6. Drop Earrings

Drop earrings, statement earrings, call them what you will but the print and ruffles on this top add enough detail that these earrings are more than enough. You want them to complement the top without competing with it. If you prefer a smaller earring a simple hoop or even a stud will work as well. As a side note, don’t be afraid to mix metals. The rules of all silver or all gold don’t really apply anymore. Have fun with your accessories!

Your turn! Are you ready for fall cardigans or will you be holding on to the summer version as long as possible?

Can’t get enough Pretty Fix? Click HERE to see more!